Kindle Tablet – Fire HD for Kids

Kindle Fire HD Tablet for kids
Kindle Fire 8 HD Tablet for kids (click on image to enlarge)

Product: Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet, HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case

Description and Review: There are three variants – Fire 7 HD, Fire 8 HD, and Fire 10 HD. The obvious difference is the size of the screen – ie. Fire 7 HD has a 7″ screen, Fire 8 HD has an 8″ screen, and the Fire 10 HD has a 10″ screen.

These are not toys…they are fully functioning tablets. With the FreeTime subscription (which 1-year is included for free on purchase of a new product), there are parental controls – so kids only have access to content approved by the parents. It’s really not complicated…my 2-year old has the Fire 8 HD, and I can pick and choose what content is shared to his account. From inside his account, he can’t download or add anything – I must switch to my account in order to do that for him.

The details and comparison of the variations are in the graphic below:

Fire HD Tablet Comparison Chart
Fire HD Tablet Comparison Chart (click on image to enlarge)

I enjoy technical stuff, so I included the next graphic for those interested: (the graphic is for the Fire 8 HD – Kid’s Edition, the 7 and 10 models are similar)

Fire 8 HD Technical Specifications
Fire 8 HD Technical Specifications (click on image to enlarge)

One of the best features is the 2-Year Guarantee. Like I mentioned, I have a 2-year old and he is tough on his Fire 8 HD (in Amazon’s own words):

Fire HD 2-Year Guarantee
Fire HD 2-Year Guarantee

Before purchasing this for my son, I read reviews and researched all over the internet. Although there were some negatives, I figured it was worth the investment – I paid $129 for my Fire 8 HD…the Fire 7 HD sells new for $99 and the Fire 10 HD sells new for $199. In retrospect, I probably should have forked out the additional $70 for the Fire 10 HD. The Fire 8 that I bought seems slow and sluggish…many reboots and watching the little circle spin as FreeTime loads. The Fire 10 has an Octa-core 2.0 GHz processor as opposed to the Quad-core I got with the Fire 8.

Fire HD Price Comparison
Fire HD Price Comparison (click image to enlarge)

All-in-all I am happy with my purchase. My wife and I travel internationally quite a bit and sometimes my son has a hard time connecting to his favorite Apps and content. I thought at first it was just sloppy internet; however, the house we have overseas has top-notch internet and even there the tablet struggles a bit. I have tweaked and toyed with it, but it seems overwhelmed by the FreeTime system – and, adding YouTube, ABC Mouse, and some of the other kids programming seems to overwhelm it even more.

(if you want more information on FreeTime, just click the image below)

We also often travel to countries not very internet friendly. This means using a VPN to access some of the content. FreeTime works consistently (although very slow at times), but some of the other Apps won’t connect without the VPN. I use both ExpressVPN and HotSpotShield – my favorite being HotSpotShield. On the Fire HD, HotSpotShield is not available in the Amazon App store, and I attempted to install it from the “.apk” file on my computer and it failed, even after changing permissions in the settings. Why is this important? Well, honestly, ExpressVPN takes a very long time…very, very long time…to connect; and, if you have an anxious 2-year old waiting for his favorite programs, then waiting for ExpressVPN to connect gets old very quickly.

Even though there are some negatives, I feel good about my purchase. My son benefits greatly from the programs and apps. He also enjoys have his own tablet.

Where can you get one? Amazon, of course. If you want to save a bit on the price, you can always search for used or refurbished products as well, but you might not get the 2-Year guarantee, nor the 1-year free on your FreeTime subscription.

Shop here and get one for yourself, or your child…or, a child or person you know.

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